Made in NYC

Did you know that 8% of global climate impact is due to the fashion industry? At Emerald Black, we are committed to creating high-quality, long-lasting clothing that will retain its integrity in your closet for years to come. Together, we can work to reduce our carbon footprint – and look good doing it!

Since the beginning, we have stayed true to our roots and are committed to having our pieces produced in the USA. We love the diversity this country represents and we are inspired by it – which is why we source and manufacture domestically. By supporting Emerald Black, you are not only upgrading your wardrobe with timeless staples, but also making a positive impact in the USA and for our planet.

Great women deserve great clothing.

Emerald Black began as a dream of high-quality, flattering pieces that redefine simplicity and look effortlessly stylish. During the journey to create a long- lasting, durable, and natural fabric, Emerald Black Tanks were born. Crafted with our innovative, special- blend fabric, the Emerald Black Tanks impeccably drapes to fit a woman’s delicate silhouette. The versatile styles were inspired by the lively atmosphere of NYC. If you’ve never been to The Big Apple, you can appreciate the bold personality of each item, and if you live in NYC, you can rep your city in style.

The Emerald Black Tanks were divided into two collections. The New York Classic Collection, named after the five NYC boroughs and created for the everyday woman. These easy-to-wear pieces are a luxurious staple item that can be worn alone or layered.

The Metropolis Style Collection, are the perfect addition to the wardrobe for the vibrant woman and titled after the neighborhoods of the boroughs. These fashion-forward, investment pieces add flare to your outfit and are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Our mission is to help women simplify their style, everyday. Our brand goal is to grow into a 100% sustainable company while remaining affordable for women around the globe!


Esmeralda Rodriguez, or Essie, founder and CEO of Emerald Black, was born in The Dominican Republic and Raised in Brooklyn, New York. During her childhood in Sunset Park, Essie learned to appreciate what her heritage provided – a cultural difference to her surroundings.

After being unable to find the perfect tank top, Essie took matters into her own hands and designed the Emerald Black Tanks. Emerald Black’s Tanks are flattering pieces that redefine simplicity and look effortlessly stylish. Carefully tailored to enhance a women’s contours and caress curves. Essie designed each tank to have intricate details that would match the personality and mood of every woman. After teaming up with fabric experts to create a unique fabric blend, Essie’s dream came to life and stylish tank tops aka Emerald Black Tanks were born.