4 Reasons You'll Love This
Tank for V-Day


The Emerald Black woman is a lover. A lover of quality contemporary design. Of sustainable and versatile pieces.

She's unafraid to treat herself to what she deserves, but will never sacrifice her style.


our tanks are locally made with painstaking detail

Our tank tops are minimal yet highly refined, designed in-house to guarantee quality and create effortless silhouettes. This attention to detail is “slow fashion” - where goods are crafted to last.


our tanks are made using renewable materials

Our proprietary blend of almos entirety organic fibers is made from pima cotton and modal, chemcially untreated crops that take considerably less water to grow and harvest.

The end result, a garment you will love for it’s longevity and versatility in your wardrobe.


our tanks will compliment your wardrobe

We consider our tanks sustainable essentials, as they’re luxurious enough to be the focus of any outfit, yet versatile enough to fit with the pieces you already own.

In other words, this is “eco-friendly fashion” - just add your unique style.


our tanks fit, flatter and flow with your curves

Our soft, comfy tanks are lightweight and breathable due to the modal and cotton knit. Each tank also contains a bit of spandex so it moves with you.

With a selection of necklines and hems, the tank retains a luxurious feminine feel, while acting as the perfect base for any outfit or wardrobe.